DUROPAL gives you the design edge…

When your designs stand out, so does your firm. With DUROPAL, a new line of HPL laminates from I 3 Surfaces, art and science come together to give you virtually unlimited design possibilities. These highly durable and unique finishes are engineered to help you create a competitive edge for your firm with designs that don’t just meet expectations but exceed them.


  • DUROPAL‘s collection of 300 decorative laminates and 14 different finishes provides unlimited color and texture combinations to customize your designs.
  • DUROPAL microPLUS® antibacterial laminates deliver easy-to-clean, hygienic surfaces where you need them most.
  • DUROPAL XTREME MATT® is ideal for high-usage solutions with its fingerprint-proof surfaces.


DUROPAL gives you more design freedom to achieve the competitive edge you need. Realize your brightest ideas and gain flexibility and ease of use to inspire new ones! From cabinetry and customer contact areas to work surfaces and more, DUROPAL is the ultimate “finishing touch.”

See the DST Xpress Collection

The DUROPAL line features:


A robust style palette,
including traditional colors
and a variety of realistic tones.


Streak- and fingerprint-proof
surface with XTreme Matt®.
Ideal for high-usage areas.


Easy-to-clean, antibacterial
surfaces where you need
them most with MicroPlus®.


Ranging from High-gloss
surfaces that shine in every
aspect, to realistic texture feel.

Give your best ideas
the finishing touch they deserve