The Difference

You can feel the difference…

with 14 different finishes, expertly matching the design need.

You can see the difference in every project…

with over 300 laminate colors to choose from, you can select, combine and create the exact look for your design.

You can meet the special needs of your project…

with micoPLUS® and XTREME MATT® giving you easy-to-clean antibacterial surfaces and fingerprint-proof surfaces for high-usage areas.

You can gain the competitive edge in your design…

with the right combination of color, texture, finish and special features like antibacterial laminates or fingerprint-proof solutions for high usage designs.

Gain the design edge with Duropal.

When your designs stand out, so does your firm.  DUROPAL is the leading HPL laminate engineered to be different and allowing you to exceed client expectations.  With over 20 core materials, in-stock inventory for most lines, and support for your custom design needs, I 3 Surfaces provides a world-class partner in delivering your designs.

From retail environments that see high usage, to classrooms with special surface needs and  buildings with unique finish combinations, we can provide the finishing your project deserves!

Melamine resin is the hardest of all synthetically produced organic materials. This is the reason for the high scratch and wear resistance of Duropal-HPL. The high impact resistance of the material is due to the elasticity of phenolic resin. These properties also explain the high resistance of HPL to chemicals and heat. Burning a cigarette on the surface of HPL is one of the quality tests specified in DIN-EN 438, which also determines all the other qualities important for the user. However, the bottoms of saucepans and ovenware can become extremely hot and we recommend using a protective pad.

Duropal – highly resistant to …

fruit juice  |  steam  |  cigarette burns

sunlight  |  scratching  |  impact  |  abrasion

coffee stains  |  wine stains  |  ink stains